Wouter Westerveld
Field Of Expertise: Precision and Microsystems Engineering

We study and develop integrated photonic waveguides as optomechanical sensors in microsystems. Mechanical sensors in microsystems, such as pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and ultrasound receivers are used in many industries including consumer electronics, healthcare, and high-tech.

The core element of such mechanical sensors is typically an electric displacement sensor, while light can measure displacement with extreme precision and low disturbance. And with integrated photonic waveguides, light can be guided and manipulated in a photonic microchip. Therefore, our research vision is to study integrated photonic waveguides as extreme precision sensors in microsystems and to develop new application in healthcare and industry, among others in the field of ultrasound. We consider the whole system: sensing, electrooptic interrogation, and applications.

Contact information: W.J.Westerveld@tudelft.nl