Julien Reboud
Field Of Expertise: Acoustofluidics, Synthetic biology, Low-cost / zero-cost diagnostics

Using my experience from a PhD in France (Université Joseph Fourier/CEA) and post-doctoral work in the Institute of Microelectronics (A-STAR) in Singapore, I have established a track record in developing and integrating microfluidic systems for cell-based assays, including both high content screening for drug discovery and diagnostic tests.

During my PhD, I developed a massively parallel screening platform in microdrops, using surface engineering and advanced image analysis (e.g. segmentation and statistical clustering).

In Singapore, in collaboration with material scientists, I developed structures and surfaces for advanced spectroscopy techniques (e.g. Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance, Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering), as well as for diagnostics, including both immunoassays and nucleic acid-based platforms.

I joined Glasgow University and the group of Prof Jon Cooper in 2009, before securing a Fellowship in 2013 as an independent researcher. Throughout my career, I have pro-actively sought to transfer technologies towards commercialisation, as evidenced through being awarded the PhD prize in the French national start-up competition (2004). In my position at IME in Singapore, I grew from lab bench researcher to project manager (as PI, co-PI and team leader) of small multidisciplinary teams, comprising post-doctoral research assistants, PhD students and technicians. I led a number of collaborations with industry, primarily aimed at integrating microfluidic systems for diagnostics and drug discovery.

I have been awarded The Royal Academy of Engineering ERA Foundation Entrepreneurs prize for the work in Glasgow on acoustic techniques (2013, http://www.raeng.org.uk/prizes/era/), which has led to the spin-out company SAW Dx Ltd (Highly Commended Technology and Innovation at the Times Higher Education Awards (2014)) and NebuFlow Ltd (www.nebuflow.co.uk).

I have published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, along with 15 patent applications (2 granted).

Contact information: Julien.Reboud@glasgow.ac.uk