Bart Snijders
Field Of Expertise: Applications Of Optics
Bart Snijders

Bart Snijders is a senior Business Consultant in applications of optics at TNO, the largest organisation for applied research and development in the Netherlands. His activities range from initiating R&D projects in optical instrumentation, to initiating and building national and international networks of partner organisations from industry, knowledge institutes, academia and government. All of this is based on broad knowledge and experience of applied optics and instrumentation development. His interests are strategic cooperations, starting up new businesses and synchronizing research and development with the needs of companies and society.


Earlier he initiated two large (: multi-million) national programmes on R&D in instrumentation for astronomy (: Dutch Joint Aperture Synthesis Team) and on Preparation for Netherlands participation in the international nuclear fusion project ITER (: ITER-NL). He is currently responsible for network building and program development for Dutch Optics Centre (DOC): a joint R&D centre for optical industry in the Netherlands, research groups and TNO. The international network of DOC exceeds 600 companies and institutes in Europe, US and ASIA.

Bart is co-author of several versions of the National Roadmaps for Optics and Photonics in the Netherlands.

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