Saeid Hedayatrasa
Field Of Expertise: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Saeid Hedayatrasa is a senior postdoctoral research fellow at the Mechanics of Materials and Structures research group of Ghent University (UGent-MMS) in Belgium. He completed his PhD in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in October 2016 at the University of South Australia. He was employed by the University of South Australia until July 2017 as a research and teaching assistant, after which he joined Ghent University as a postdoctoral researcher. He has computational and experimental background in design optimization and characterization of acoustic meta-materials and composites. More specifically, his research focus has been on analysis of vibrations, elastic wave propagation and heat wave diffusion in advanced materials, and their synergic (vibro-thermal) interaction for non-destructive testing (NDT) and structural health monitoring (SHM). He is currently developing physics-informed deep learning algorithms for vibrational damage identification.

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