Why delft?

the future of innovation

Choosing Delft as the Measuring By Light 2023 host city was a logical step. We can define the Netherlands as a sophisticated business environment where innovation thrives.

It’s a place where business and innovation can flourish. Fueled by world-class research institutes, top notch technical universities and strategic partnerships between science, industry and government, the Netherlands is a hub for R&D innovation.

With TU Delft, our conference is hosted at the heart of the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands.

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Delft has a wonderful historical city centre with charming squares and the most enjoyable cafés, shops and restaurants. The city is known for its Delft blue, Johannes Vermeer and William van Oranje. But the city has much more to offer and we are happy to invite you. We therefore welcome you to the “Prince Town” of the Netherlands.