Daan Brinks
Field Of Expertise: Imaging Physics

Dr. Ir. Daan Brinks is associate professor in the department of Imaging Physics of TU Delft and PI in Molecular genetics at Erasmus MC. He studied Applied physics at the University of Twente and obtained his PhD in Nanophotonics from ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, Spain under supervision of Prof. Dr. Niek van Hulst. He went on to do a postdoc at Harvard University with Prof. Dr. Adam Cohen before returning to the Netherlands to start his own lab. He focuses on the development of microscopy and molecular sensor technology for applications in neuroscience and cancer biology. He is cofounder and lead of the integrative neuromedicine Convergence flagship and cofounder of the Biomedical Intervention Optimization Delft AI Lab, and a recipient of among others a NWO startup and ERC starting grant.

Contact information: D.Brinks@tudelft.nl